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The next big thing in the taxi industry- Uber Clone App

Transportation industry is one of the major industries which have grown exponentially at a very faster rate. People nowadays are preferring ride hailing or ride sharing services like Ola or Uber rather than their own personal vehicle or any other public transport. People believe it is easier to travel to any fixed destination in a ride hailing app as it saves money to a great extent, it is safer as compared, it even saves you from all the headaches you face while parking your vehicle. There are many other reasons.

As we are in a digital age now, where technology have captured the whole business world. Every industry have come up with an app of their own as it eases the life of their customers which is their ultimate goal or motto.

According to The New York City Taxi and Limousine commission (NYC TLC) statistics on comparing the daily trips in normal taxi, Uber and Lyft.

It can be clearly observed that how the normal taxi services have lost their touch in the industry. Uber has highly dominated the international as well as the domestic market from the past few years. From the graph mentioned above, it can be seen that taxi used to rule this industry in 2015. Taxis had around 500,000 trips daily whereas Uber not even touched 100,000 trips a day. Although within no time, Uber captured the entire market. According to the stats mentioned in the graph, in July 2018, Uber had around 500,000 trips a day which is a kind of growth any company dreams of. Uber is known worldwide now while Lyft, which is somewhat similar to Uber, is lacking a little bit behind as it exists in a limited number of countries.

To compete with a company like uber, you need to spend a huge amount of time and money. But, every startup can’t afford that risk. Entrepreneurs prefer using uber clone scripts and customize the features according to the business needs and requirements. Industries have currently come up with various exciting features like multiple payments, live tracking and negotiations and many more. Organizations are also coming up with many new features in the future. There is no turning back for this industry. It wouldn’t be a shock if Uber clone app with customizable features would conquer the whole taxi industry in the near future. 

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